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By James Pero For Dailymail. An amateur photographer captured the breadth and versatility of icebergs from his vantage in what's known as 'iceberg alley. In a series of images from his home in Cape Bonavista, Newfoundland, photographer Mark Gray documented a procession of icebergs as they drifted by in the Labrador Sea through his personal Twitter account.

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Scott Tilley, a year-old electrical technologist, sneaks time away from his family when he can to search for spy satellites using radio frequency signals and a contraption of remote control cameras and antennas on the roof of his Roberts Creek home on the Sunshine Coast. But contact with the probe was lost in and the mission was abandoned in But its messages were lost among the din of other chattering satellites.

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There are several things that make Canada unique and interesting. The wide variety of sporting activities offers perfect opportunities for Canadians to display their talents and to effectively compete with the rest of the world at the international levels. Thus Canada has become a country of variety of games and sports.

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The Bristlecone pines that you see in the foreground are some of the oldest living things on Earth, but yet they are dwarfed by the light shining behind them that has been traveling for almost 30, years. It is just a beautiful concept. We also added two new categories: People and Space and Best Newcomer.

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The rewards of astronomy were never more accessible than they are today. The recent profusion of spectacular images, the explosion of knowledge and technical possibilities, the ubiquitous presence of the Internet, and the widespread accessibility to equipment have catapulted popular astronomy into a new era. Astronomy can be practiced during the day or night.

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Mission to study magnetic field protecting Earth from cosmic radiation could potentially be revived. But instead of locating Zuma, he picked up a signal from Image. Scientists and engineers at its Goddard Space Flight Centre would continue to analyse data from the space craft to learn more about its status after 12 years in space, the agency said.

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Amateur sky-watchers in Canada, in conjunction with NASA scientistshave made a startling discovery after years of looking up at the stars: a new type of aurora. While the new aurora may appear similar to the famous northern lights or aurora borealisit's a phenomenon previously unknown to science. Rather than the traditional greens and blue hues of other auroras, Steve appears to the human eye as purplish, and is surrounded by a green, fence-like structure.

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Siril is targeted to amateur astronomers having acquired images and wanting to process them in a semi-automatic way. Siril uses modern and powerful processing algorithms running in parallel in order to speed up the time of processing. Nearly the whole processing chain is available in Siril.

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The central star is a variable star that ranges between visual magnitudes 9 and 11 over an irregular period of time. Using a giant telescope on Mauna Kea Hawaii is a dream for most amateur sky watchers. Recently a Canadian amateur astronomy group took advantage of a rare opportunity and used one of the largest telescopes in the world, the Gemini 8-meter telescope, to look more deeply into the remains of a particular stellar nursery than anyone ever has.

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A cosmic alignment between Earth and Mars is giving stargazers eye-popping views of the Red Planet. On April 8, Mars reached an orbital milestone known as "opposition," an event that occurs only once every 26 months when the planet aligns with Earth and the sun. Six days later, on April 14, Mars made its closest approach to Earth in six years, coming within Astrophotographer Andrew Kwon in Canada sent in a composite image showing Mars on four different nights.


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